Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ford ASEAN Chief Eyes Further Growth in Asia-Pacific

Via Wall Street Journal

Thailand saw an unprecedented surge in automobile sales last year, driven in large part by a one-off government tax-rebate for first-time car buyers.

Ford Motor Co. Matt Bradley, president of Ford ASEAN, says, “Thailand is a very big piece of the global Ford business.”
But Ford Motor Co. is confident that it will be able to build from that and sell more cars and trucks this year, while the rest of the industry here is poised for a modest slowdown.

Overall, the industry sold 1.4 million vehicles in 2012, and output for the local and export markets also hit a record high of 2.45 million units, helping to restore Thailand’s reputation as a leading global automotive production hub after the disruptions caused by massive flooding across the country in 2011. Now, Ford is aiming to build a larger share of the market not just in Thailand, but across the rest of Asia where the growth outlook still looks rosy compared with the U.S. or Europe.