Monday, July 29, 2013

Feeling Lucky? Don't.

A FREE 3-minute electrical check at Kent Rylee Automotive Solutions beats being stuck on the side of the road for hours.  It is easy to make sure your electrical system is good to go at Kent Rylee Automotive Solutions.  Our ASE ceritified technicians test your alternator, starter and battery with state-of-the-art equipment for FREE.  So, why have your electrical components checked?  For one, determining the true cause of any electrical issue begins with testing the condition of the battery.  This can help avoid replacing other components that may be in good working order!  Having your alternator checked can insure it is in good working condition and prevent it draining charge from your battery, which can cause lights to dim and even erratic engine operation.  And, checking your starter is always a good idea since it often fails without any warning.  Having it tested is the only way to insure it is in working order.  Stop by Kent Rylee today and take advantage of our FREE electrical check offer now through August 31st, 2013.  Better safe than stranded, that's our recommendation!