Thursday, November 1, 2012

Next target: 3 Million cars per year…..

From a BANGKOK POST Interview with Thavorn Chalasthien, assistant secretary of the Human Capacity Building Institute, Federation of Thai Industries (FTI):

It took half a century for the Thai automobile industry and tremendous efforts from both government and private sectors to achieve annual production of 2 million vehicles.

Thavorn Chalasthien
Today, this industry has grown into one of the country's strategic industries that generates billions of baht for Thailand.

Indeed, the auto parts sector is the heart of the Thai automobile industry. But what's important is creating stability for Thailand as a sustainable auto production and export hub, and this will depend on a number of key factors.

Hundreds of billion baht have been invested in the Thai auto industry, with over Bt100 billion going for research and development.

The next target for the industry is to produce 3 million vehicles per year for supplying the Asia-Pacific and global markets. There is also a good possibility that Thailand will replace other countries as the manufacturing hub for many brands, due to its strong foundation that includes the auto parts industry.

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