Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Than Just a Distributor

More Than Just a DistributorBusinesses are often more than what they are known for. I mean look at Target. A lot of people love their clothes or bedding, domestic products. They also sell groceries now. Mechanics not only fix under the hood, but some offer detailing of the interior of your car. The same goes for liquid handling distributors, and distributors as a whole. Their services go beyond simply distributing air diaphragm pumps or positive displacement pumps. They also design control panels and fabricate new ideas.

Usually with industrial vendors, such as liquid handling or automotive distributors, work side by side with engineers to offer customers CAD capabilities. Computer assisted drafting (CAD) is the most common software engineers use. I know there are different types of engineers, even architects use CAD, but ask about this program and they'll know what you're talking about.

It's quite convenient what services distributors have collaborated. When a business utilizes such liquid flow materials, they know the topic pretty well and probably have ideas that either they or other businesses could benefit from using. So, when going to purchase new pump or meter parts, why not see about engineering capabilities? They'll help you get your ideas out of your head and into real life.

If you're not impressed, read the testimonials; listen to word-of-mouth. Leading distributors are capable of offering those additional services. Let's be honest. They have the budget for it most likely. Experience is the main factor for good business. Myself included, I don't know anyone who would hire someone with a bad reputation. My mom learned that the hard way and I learned a lesson. She hired a contractor to do out kitchen and he asked for an advance only to never show up again... until small claims court.

Then again, added services could be a business ploy, but a good one nonetheless. As a customer you may realize there are things you didn't know you needed. CAD capabilities could be something of an impulsive purchase you make at the store. Liquid handling equipment ranges from liquid flow meters to Wilden Pumps. Brands are often important to customers; it's about status and quality products. So now the next time you make a visit to your distributor, look deeper into the services they provide. You may just find the way to bring your ideas to life. Or you may realize there is a better service provider out there.