Monday, May 14, 2012

Auto Detail Supplies - Controlling Costs for Quality, Efficiency, and Profits

Auto Detail Supplies - Controlling Costs for Quality, Efficiency, and ProfitsAs a former franchisor of mobile car washes and mobile detail trailers, I was privy to quite a bit of information and real-world experience in the sector. I often noted that the money was in the time, and not necessarily in job, especially when it came to mobile car washing. In the custom auto detailing business, it is all about perfection, and therefore there is a high price point in high-end detailing. Still, as the economy gets tough, these types of small service businesses need to find ways to cut costs.

Not long ago I was talking to a young entrepreneur about this, specifically how he could cut his costs as he was spending nearly $700 per month on his automotive detailing supplies. He made a list of all the types of cleaners he was using and waxes, and he asked me if I thought there were any ways to trim those costs. Therefore, I asked him the following question;

1. Are you using Walmart "spray-away" glass cleaner?
2. Have you considered using non-detailing brand degreasers?
3. How much are you spending on wax, are you using AutoMagic?
4. How are your new driving habits helping fuel economy?

You see, you can go to a big box retailer and buy nearly the same glass cleaner. Sometimes it is made by the same company that you would normally buy from an auto details supplier. Also, it is not totally imperative to use auto detailing brand degreasers, there are many degreasers on the market which are water soluble, and cost a lot less money. Further, there are some proprietary auto detailing brand names which are the best-of-breed, these products will help you do a superior job, and increase your performance and efficiency, save you time and money even if they cost a little bit more.

Lastly, I would like to say that your auto detailing team or your mobile car washers can improve their efficiency through superior training, and working with each other as a team the unit almost to the point of reading each other's minds, able to detail an entire car without talking to one another. Each team member knows what the other is doing. As long as you are paying them fairly, and giving them the money they deserve, they should be working at the optimal efficiency. If you are in the auto detailing business I have the following question to ask you;

Have you instituted a "tip sharing bonus program" with your employees to increase cash work and cash car washing?

If you aren't doing this, you should, and you should find other mobile car wash stops or office buildings that you can zip into once a week and make extra cash money to help meet your expenses and keep your revenues where they should be. I hope these tips have helped you. I want you to succeed in business, no matter what the economy is doing. So, please think on it.