Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Storing Your Car The Right Way For The Long Term

Storing Your Car The Right Way For The Long TermSo you're going on your OE or maybe you're just staying with family down south in Dunedin for a few weeks. You might be in between flats or maybe you just don't trust parking on the street for a long period of time. You might have something to drive around every day but you've got no room for the classic that sits parked at home.

Don't let your friend borrow your car and risk a phone call about an accident in the supermarket parking lot - if you need short or long term car storage in NZ and you're not sure where to look, talk to a storage company about self storage options for your car.

Why you should choose self storage

The number one thing you want to know when you store something as precious as a car is that it's going to be safe. Not only does a self storage unit give you a place to park up, but it also comes with all of the security features that you could ask for to give you complete peace of mind.

Nearly every storage company worth their name employs cameras and CCTV systems. Working to deter and prevent theft as well as providing solutions if something does go wrong, having a pair of eyes constantly watching your storage unit is definitely reassuring.

Employees and security staff work around the clock to ensure that your unit remains secure. Most storage companies will have patrolling security working overnight to keep watch over things. While there are usually specific opening hours, you should be able to arrange 24-hour access with night staff if you phone ahead, meaning that you'll never have to worry about not having access to your unit and car.

How to store your car effectively

Proper storage is imperative - especially if you own a classic car that you want to maintain the condition of. Using a self storage option allows you to follow a few of these basic rules to automotive storage while keeping the vehicle away from the varied and sometimes harsh New Zealand weather.

Store indoors, out of the wind to prevent damage.

Let your car sit for months rather than turning it on for a few minutes each week. While it's usually better to drive your vehicle on a regular basis, if you must store, having someone turn it on occasionally is doing it more harm than good.

Wash the car and give it a fresh coat of wax before putting it into storage.

Change all the fluids a week or two before putting your car away, but try not to change the oil until as late as possible.

Fill the tank with fresh fuel and drive for a bit before storing to let it circulate. Fresh petrol lasts a full year without additives and will help to prevent rust and other damage.

Storing your car properly is the key to preventing long-term damage. With the security and safety of a self storage option, it's the best way to guarantee peace of mind and prevent the complications that arise through thoughtless storage. Find a storage company in your town or city and discuss your needs with them.