Saturday, May 21, 2011

Proton not decided when to launch Proton Emas concept car


YOKOHAMA: The national car maker, Proton, has not decided when to start marketing the Emas concept car, a well informed Proton source said here yesterday.

He said should any decision be made to produce or launch Emas (an acronym for Eco Mobility Advance Solution), a proper announcement would be made to the public at the right time. “It is Proton’s first concept car that is based on a hybrid propulsion system,” he told Bernama at the Malaysia Automotive Industry Exhibition (MAIE) which was being held concurrently with the Automotive Engineering Exposition (AEE) here. He said the specially designed chassis of Emas features a raised floor that could accommodate the hybrid system’s batteries under the floor and leveraging on maximising space, while maintaining the overall dimensions of a compact car.