Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Old & New AFG Committee

Photograph: Peter Richards
Thanks to Mike Diamente (DANA) and Ray d'Silva (BOSCH Chassis Systems) for their leadership over the last years! The new committee will try hard to fill the footsteps….

AFG 2011 Committee Positions:
President: James Beeson
Vice President: Peera Thaweechart
Secretary and Treasurer: Maurice Bromley (the Bully)
Web and Blog:  Uli Kaiser

The entire AFG committee consists of:
Maurice Bromley (Go-Dove), Armin Walter (EFTEC), Frank Holzer (GM), James Beeson (Ultimate G), Peera Thaweechart (Albatross) , Randy Simmons (Inductotherm), Shaun Burke (Cromwell Tools) & Uli Kaiser (EMAG Group).

The ex officio members are: George T. Strampp (AMS Automotive Manufacturing Solutions) and Leigh Wilmott (Austrade) 

Also check out the PDN article about the meeting here.