Friday, October 23, 2009

"What you pay is what you get" – but then .... sometimes not

Wrapped in the psychedelic surroundings of the Fillmore Room at the HARD ROCK HOTEL, a strong audience of 20+ AFG members and guests enjoyed a thorough and creative panel discussion on the in and outs of logistics.

Senior speakers from DHL, Katoen Natie, CEVA Logistics and VPack & Move explained the several levels of logistics services – the higher the level, the higher the integration with the customers business processes.

The feedback and discussion was very interesting, with logistics specialists from GM and Michelin actively involved.

A main point was the creation of "shared services" so we don't have 2 half empty truck carrying goods from the same A to the same B at the same time.

An excellent session sure to benefit everyone in the audience.

After the meeting, most of the participants enjoyed a beer and roast pig at the joint German and British Chamber function in the Hard Rock Cafe.